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Silent Hill

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05 June, 2011

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Excuse me, maybe blog has some problems yet ( Empty pages or bad images, ... ).
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Silent Hill Downpour : Information

Some information about Silent Hill Downpour :

Music Composer : Daniel Licht - Aka Dexter
Main Character/You : Murphy Pendleton
Publisher : KONAMI
Developer : VATRA


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Silent Hill HD collection

Attention                                                                  Attention                                                          Attention

KONAMI is planning to rebuild Silent Hill 2 & 3 with HD quality on PS 3 and XBOX. It's all I know. I shocked when I heard but it's true! yea! But they should rebuild Silent Hill 1, the main game. But, I thank god, Silent Hill 2 & 3 are both good. 
Iranians, attention. Be sure to join to Silent Hill community in Bazicenter website that I linked bellow.


Welcome to the Silent Hill Community blog. In this blog we talk about Silent Hill and I tell you news about Silent Hill. Silent Hill was awesome, you know. But now, it's getting bad and boring. I just love Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, 4 & Origins. I threw others away ( But Home Coming isn't too bad ). I'm living with these 5 Silent Hill games. I like Silent Hill 1 more than others ( a little ). Be sure if you're a real fan of Silent Hill ( main ones ), you came to the right place. I put pictures of the Silent Hill games ( all Silent Hill games ) on the left side, you see. And a special surprise for you, biography of the Akira Yamaoka, Base of the Silent Hill series, I'll examine it later. Probably you know that another Silent Hill is releasing, name Silent Hill Downpour ( probably worst one in the series ). You can see its pictures in "Silent Hill Downpour Images" page on the left. If the blog begins to getting famous, I'll do more for it, so more. Please vote on the poll. thx